Year 9 RE GCSE Results Success

Year 9 GCSE Results

Ask yourself this: of the approximately 500 Year 9, 10 and 11 students who sat a GCSE exam in Religious Studies this summer, who got the highest mark?

Answer: Avery talented Year 9 student who scored 100%

We have all heard how impressive the A level and AS level results were at Fisher’s, we all know that last year’s GCSE results were the best yet;

85% of pupils got 5 or more higher graded (A*-C) passes.

More pupils than ever before got 5 GCSE’s at Grades A*-C, including English and Maths at 64%.

However, very few people know how well the Year 9’s did with their GCSE in Religious Studies.  Miss Mollicone and the RE faculty made a bold decision 12 months ago to teach Year 9 a GCSE course. You may ask what is unusual about that, but think. Starting a course two years early and sitting the exam before apparently you’re ready.

Difficult for some but not for Year 9!  All the students who sat the new paper received a GCSE, 89% got a Grade ‘C’ or better.

The course on offer from the exam board allowed us to combine our PSHCE and RE lessons and look at the influence of different religious and non-religious views on the world around us.

Covering areas such as Democracy and Human Rights, Crime and Punishment, War and Peace and The Environment and Medical ethics the course allowed Year 9 to really examine the world and their place within it. And as the results have shown it was a great success.

When asked for a comment Miss Warr stumbled over her words as she was so overcome, she wiped away a tear and eventually she whispered;

“I’m so proud of them, I had my doubts when we started last September, but they have all been incredible.

Their hard work and dedication was never going to be a problem. What struck all the teachers though was their real grasp of the issues and their ability to understand and then comment upon what are really difficult moral and ethical issues.

Brilliant, just brilliant, I think we may have the next Hans Kung or Albert Schweitzer here at Fisher’s.

You know the Bishop used to come to Fisher’s… honest Mr Preece taught him.”

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