Year 8

Who Am I?

Welcome to the Year 8 section of the St John Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy website.

Our theme this year is:

‘Who am I?’

Year 8 is a year when pupils are usually well settled into the rhythms and routines of secondary school. They are no longer the youngest in school, and it is important that they are positive role models for the Year 7 pupils, many of whom they will know. Our community thrives on student leadership and friendship. Year 8 pupils must find their place in our community through service to others. Year 8 is a time of self-reflection and discovery. Pupils are looking forward to becoming young adults who can unlock their own potential.

In the daily life of school, attendance continues as a priority and we encourage all pupils to aim for 100%. Any absence means a missed learning opportunity, and difficulties in keeping up with the rest of the group. Absence always has a negative impact on teaching and learning. It is continuous effort, not strength or intelligence which is the key to unlocking potential. Year 8 have great potential in many different areas, and each member of the year group is expected to be in school and to try their best at all times.


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