Year 10

Reaching Out

Welcome to the Year 10 section of the St John Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy website

Our theme this year is:

‘Reaching out’

Year 10 sees pupils enter key stage 4 and become part of the ‘upper school’. With this progression through the school there is an expectation that pupils will have matured and now offer leadership to the younger school community. It is our belief that our balanced curriculum and pastoral experiences allow all pupils to live out our mission and grow in the image of Christ.

The transition from Key Stage 3 to Key Stage 4 provides pupils with the opportunity to further personalise their own curriculum. Embarking successfully on GCSE, BTEC and Collegiate courses is a key priority for everyone connected with the year group as we work alongside our pupils offering help, encouragement and support to help pupils fulfil their potential.

Many subjects have now reverted to linear assessment which means that students learn a full programme of study for two years and have final examinations at the end of Year 11. Progress is monitored through a full set of Mock Exams in June of year 10 to ensure that students are making expected progress in their studies. As always, a key component to success is good attendance. All pupils are encouraged to reflect on their own record to ensure they have the best opportunity to succeed.



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