The Rotary Club Technology Tournament

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The Rotary Club Technology Tournament, Batley Frontier, 1st March 2016.

Congratulations to the KS4 team on winning their category outright… Well done!

On Tuesday 1st March 2016 we went to the annual Rotary club Technology Tournament. We had to work in our groups – Basic, Intermediate and Higher and we had to design, build and test a small vehicle powered by electronics. We competed against over 20 schools in the surrounding area.

To make the task even more difficult we had to make our buggy move through a tunnel and it had to push debris – a pile of wood- through the tunnel and return back again. The other groups had even harder task and had to move the debris back and forwards with the buggy within a short time restriction.

We also had to work out the switch needed for it to move backwards and forwards using the circuit and produce a detailed design portfolio of designs, fully explained. We earned points on each section of work.

Even though our team, the basic section, didn’t win I really enjoyed it because it gave us a challenge to complete and we worked hard as a team to finish it. My favourite part of the day was working as a team developing our idea and making it better.

The Intermediate team won their section so congratulations to them!”

By Mina Flanagan. Yr 9.

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