Removal of Transport to Catholic Schools

You may not be aware but Kirklees Council are currently considering the removal of support for transport to those children living more than three miles away from their schools (2 miles for under 8s). Currently, these children receive a free bus pass as an acknowledgement of their right to attend a Catholic school. You may know that this ‘discretionary’ arrangement has been in place for many years and is a consequence of the 1944 Education Act that established the modern position of the Church in education. All school bus services for all children (paying or not) may be affected as the bus operators will only run buses that are financially viable.

Two years ago, a similar proposal was withdrawn after a concerted campaign by parents and those connected with our schools. We understand that at least one political party locally have insisted that the withdrawal of transport be reconsidered in return for supporting the Labour Groups budget proposals.

We would be most grateful if you would write to your three local councillors to encourage them not to pursue this issue. The addresses for all Councillors are on the Kirklees Council website or available from school. Please find enclosed a draft letter that may help you. It is for you to use any way that you wish.

We would also be grateful if you would sign the petition below:

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