National Foreign Languages Spelling Bee

This week, year 7 competed in the National Foreign Languages Spelling Bee class competitions in which they had to translate English words into French and spell them using the French alphabet. The winners of the class competitions were:

Megan Dransfield 7R  with 18 points

Callum Orange 7J with 17 points

Dylan Pickles 7E with 14 points

Niall McKinnell 7H with 10 points

Martha Storey & Sophie Walton 7I both with 12 points

Khairah Bennett 7S with 13 points


Hamza Saleem and Stephen Kenny 7F both with 6 points.

House competition results: Becket (1st), More (2nd), Campion (3rd) and Clitherow (4th)


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