ICT House Competitions – Further details…

Web Design

The web design competition is open to all pupils from Yr 7-13.  Quite simply you are being asked to design and create a web page that can be used as a 'home page'  for your house.  It doesn't matter what software you use to design the page, the idea is for it to vibrant, relevant and most importantly, to encourage more people to use the new school website.

Entries should be emailed to Mr Ward. This competition runs until 17th DECEMBER.

I am Learning

The challenge is simple, from now until Christmas, you need to use I Am Learning to aid in your studies as much as possible.  The person who has the most hours clocked up by MONDAY 17th DECEMBER will be the overall winner.

Over the last 7 days, the following pupils have had the most usage:

Louis Finlay - 1hr 7mins

Jonathan Simmons - 1hr

Millie Wilkinson - 52mins

(well done to my form, 9S for having two of the top users this week - must be something to do with their form tutor!)

Closing Date - 17th December


This is a national competition that our school enters.  Further details can be found from the 'Animation13' website by clicking here.

Please email your entries to Mr Ward for submission.


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