European Day of Languages Championship 2013

Recently, 27 SJF students took part in the Vocab Express European Day of Languages Championship, 2013, which involved completing online vocabulary tasks over a period of seven days in order to accumulate individual and whole-school points scores. Hundreds of other UK and international schools took part, with some schools entering up to 150 students and achieving huge, accumulative whole-school points scores. The MFL department at St. John Fisher is therefore extremely proud to announce that our students achieved 19th place in the overall Challenge Cup, coming 4th in the Urdu competition, 5th in the Arabic competition, 8th in the Italian competition, 14th in the Spanish competition and 16th in the French competition. In the Genius Cup, our students achieved 8th place in the Urdu competition and 19th place in the Arabic competition, while two of our individual students made it onto the Student Leaderboard against other pupils from around the world, finishing 29th and 37th respectively.

Congratulations to all who took part! We’re now looking forward to next year, when we are aiming to beat this year’s score!

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