Desktop Background Challenge






Hi everyone!

Our desktop background is complaining a little and us IT guys are really starting to get a bit bored of its complaining!

So we have decided to replace the background and we came up with an idea for you guys to make our new background for us!

Apart from a few rules of what we’d like to see on the image, you’re welcome to take some artistic licence!

The deadline for submission is Friday 10th July 2015, finalists will be drawn the following week and will be reviewed by the ICT Support team and guest judges

The winning image will be set as the desktop background for the next school year!

To submit your image, please attach it to an email and send it to


1. Resolution must be 1024×768

2. Incorporate the school logo, you are welcome to update the image to a higher resolution however it must match the current logo we have and also the school motto should feature somewhere on the background

3. Must have “St John Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy” featured in the image

4. Must fit with the school ethos

We look forward to seeing your submissions!

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