Chemistry Competition

As it is Chemistry Week this week, we are launching a Chemistry Competition for students and teachers. The theme is ‘Chemistry in Everything’ and the competition involves taking a photo and explaining the Chemistry in it – the more creative the better!


There will be house points and goodies available for all entries (including those from staff) and prizes for the top 5 photos. Please can all entries either be given to me (in M8) or emailed to by Friday 11th December and the Science Faculty will decide on the winners before the end of term.


Below are some ideas to get you thinking:
Fireworks: the colours in fireworks are caused by metal salts
Coca cola (fizzing): carbon dioxide gas causing bubbles
Plant: photosynthesis reaction equation – carbon dioxide + water –> oxygen + glucose
You can also speak to any science teacher or look on the internet for some more ideas.


We look forward to receiving the amazing photos!
Miss Dhorajiwala



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