Year 10 Silenced!

Tomorrow (Monday 11th February) a group of approx. 20 Year Ten pupils will be challenging themselves to keep silent all day! They are ‘hand-picked’ pupils who ‘struggle’ to keep quiet, so this sponsored event in aid of the Year Ten charity, HCPT, is even more difficult than most of us could imagine! I am delighted that they have already managed to get parents, teachers, support staff and their classmates to sponsor them or donate money so that we can help to support this years trip to Lourdes. Good Luck to them all!! I will update when all money has been collected in and counted. Shhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

National Foreign Languages Spelling Bee

This week, year 7 competed in the National Foreign Languages Spelling Bee class competitions in which they had to translate English words into French and spell them using the French alphabet. The winners of the class competitions were:

Megan Dransfield 7R  with 18 points

Callum Orange 7J with 17 points

Dylan Pickles 7E with 14 points

Niall McKinnell 7H with 10 points

Martha Storey & Sophie Walton 7I both with 12 points

Khairah Bennett 7S with 13 points


Hamza Saleem and Stephen Kenny 7F both with 6 points.

House competition results: Becket (1st), More (2nd), Campion (3rd) and Clitherow (4th)


My picks of the week are:

  • Infinite Monkey Cage – this is a great science comedy programme on Radio 4, and this first episode of the new series has Patrick Stewart (Captain Jean Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise) and Ben Miller – author of  It’s Not Rocket Science
  • Dara O’Briain’s Science Club – includes how to deflect an asteroid!
  • Anthropocene – the current geological age is defined by human activity. Find out what geologists of the future will discover about us when they go digging.


Planning for the Mission

The School Mission will take place from 2-8 February in 2013.  We have just met with the coordinator from the Sion Community, who will be leading the misson, and it all sounds very exciting! More news later.