Year 8 Visit to Paris

44 year 8 students have recently returned from a visit to Paris, where they had the opportunity to visit the Sacré Coeur, the Palace of Versailles, la Tour de Montparnasse and l’Arc de Triomphe. Students also saw the Louvre and the site where the Bastille prison once stood, as well as having the opportunity to view the Eiffel Tower and a film première on the Champs-Elysées. The visit ended with a visit to Cité Europe, where students could practise their French language skills in the shopping mall. C’était magnifique!

Palace of Versailles                                              The Eiffel Tower



National Foreign Languages Spelling Bee

spelling bee


A big félicitations to our four whole-school winners – Farah, Dylan, Caitlin and Callum –  who took part in the National Foreign Languages Spelling Bee, Yorkshire Final at the University of Hull today. They competed against 150 pupils from 32 Yorkshire schools and did very well, despite not progressing through to the National Final. We’re all very proud of you!

National Foreign Languages Spelling Bee – Stage Two Winners

The results are in and the winners of the whole-school competition are:

1st: Farah Mushtaq in 7R with 19 points

2nd: Dylan Pickles in 7E with 18 points

3rd: Caitlin Smith in 7J with 17 points

4th: Callum Orange in 7J with 16 points

These four students will now go on to represent the school in the regional final, taking place in Hull in April. Wish them luck!

A special félicitations to all who took part in the whole-school final. It was a closely fought contest!

National Foreign Languages Spelling Bee

This week, year 7 competed in the National Foreign Languages Spelling Bee class competitions in which they had to translate English words into French and spell them using the French alphabet. The winners of the class competitions were:

Megan Dransfield 7R  with 18 points

Callum Orange 7J with 17 points

Dylan Pickles 7E with 14 points

Niall McKinnell 7H with 10 points

Martha Storey & Sophie Walton 7I both with 12 points

Khairah Bennett 7S with 13 points


Hamza Saleem and Stephen Kenny 7F both with 6 points.

House competition results: Becket (1st), More (2nd), Campion (3rd) and Clitherow (4th)


National Foreign Languages Spelling Bee

This year, all year 7 students will be taking part in a national competition called the Foreign Languages Spelling Bee. Students will be given a list of 50 French words to learn over the autumn term and will take part in a class competition before Christmas, where they will be asked to translate and spell out words from the vocabulary list. The class winners will go through to a whole-school competition, with our whole-school winner then representing the school in the regional finals and possibliy the national finals. There are big prizes to be won!