Bon Appetit

Les élèves préparent des crêpes pour la classe de français.

Il fait fondre du chocolat

Elle étale du Nutella sur la crêpe.

Elle coupe des fraises.

Voilà de délicieuses crêpes

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El Mundo Hispano – Los Mexicanos, WINNERS!


Los Mexicanos, our team of six, year 8 students, has been competing in the El Mundo Hispano competition run by Routes Into Languages and York University for the past eight weeks.

During the competition, teams had to complete a variety of research tasks based on Spanish-speaking countries, answering questions in Spanish, and a weekly creative task. Los Mexicanos, comprised of Brendan, Caitlin, Joshua, Kieran, Matthew and Michael, won two categories – Best Nazca Story and Best Group Photo, and were presented with trophies at a prize-giving and languages taster event at York University on Thursday 2nd July.

Congratulations to the whole team, who have continued a winning streak for languages students at St. John Fisher this year!

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National Foreign Languages Spelling Bee

Four year 7 students attended the Regional Final of the National Foreign Languages Spelling Bee at the University of Hull, in which they had one minute to translate and spell as many words as possible, using the French alphabet. Well done to all four students who took part. We’re very proud of you here at St. John Fisher!

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National Foreign Languages Spelling Bee – Whole School Competition

spelling beeToday, our year 7 finalists have competed in the whole school final of the National Foreign Languages Spelling Bee. All of our students did extremely well, translating and spelling words using the French alphabet. Our four winners, who will go on to represent the school in the  Stage 3 Regional Final at the University of Hull, are:

1st – Katie in 7S with 13 points

2nd – Damian in 7E with 10 points

Joint 3rd – Luis in 7F and Natalia in 7H, both with 8 points.


Congratulations to all students who took part!

National Foreign Languages Spelling Bee 2014-15

spelling beeYear 7 have been competing in the annual National Foreign Languages Spelling Bee, in which students are asked to learn 50 words per stage, to be able to translate these words into French and to be able to spell them using the French alphabet. This week has seen the finals of the class competitions, where students had one minute to translate and spell as many words as possible. The results are in!

7J winners – Tommy Lee and Mia

7F winners – Safian and Lewis

7I winners – Ariana and Izabela

7S winners – Tom and Katie

7H winners – Martyna, Natalia and Heena

7E winners – Hasan and Damian

7R winners – Iqra and Aysha

These students will now go on to learn the stage two words for February’s whole-school competition.

Well done to all who took part and congratulations to our 15 winners!

Language Perfect – Northern Championships

lpnc_web_posterFollowing on from our success in the Vocab Express League of Champions, French and Spanish GCSE students will be participating in the Language Perfect Northern Championships 2014 for ten days during November. There is a wealth of prizes to be won, including $10,000 for the school, Mac Books, iPads and iPods, and an exchange with an Australian school. GCSE students see the languages VLE site for more details. Wish us luck!

League of Champions – Champions!

languages champion Over the past week, 150 students at St. John Fisher have been competing in the international Vocab Express League of Champions competition, which was run to promote the European Day of Languages on September 26th. Our students have been learning and testing themselves on vocabulary from a variety of languages with the aim of scoring as many points as possible and achieving a higher score than the other schools who were competing around the world. In last year’s competition, we came 13th so the aim this year was to reach at least the top 10 and we certainly achieved that – winning the French competition and coming second in the overall competition. There were also several student successes


Overall League of Champions Piccolo Competition: 2nd place

French League of Champions Piccolo Competition: 1st place! Lauren in 11H came in the top 40 of the student genius competition.

Polish Genius Cup: 4th place with Filip in 8J coming second in the individual student competition.

Urdu Genius Cup: 7th place with Umar S in 8R finishing in the top 40 of the individual student competition.

Spanish League of Champions Piccolo Competition: 10th place with Eboney and Beverlyn in 11H both finishing in the top 30 of the individual student competition.

We also had a student, Sidrah in 9F, who finished in the top 30 of the Arabic competition.

Félicitations to everybody who took part. The whole school is proud of your effort, especially the Languages department!

European Day of Languages: League of Champions

Students at St. John Fisher are currently competing in the Vocab Express League of Champions, a week-long, international languages competition, in which the aim is to score as many points as possible by learning and testing yourself on vocabulary in your chosen language. The idea of the competition is to encourage language-learning in readiness for tomorrow’s European Day of Languages.

There are many prizes to be won and we would like to wish all of our students the best of luck! C3 is open at break and lunch all week for those competing. Apps are also available from the Vocab Express website.

Tour de France Virtuel

Three year 9 students went to the University of York yesterday for a Languages Taster Day and prize-giving event, having taken part in the Tour De France Virtuel competition for the past 10 weeks. They had to display teamwork skills and work to deadlines in order to answer a variety of reflective, research and creative questions in French, based on the Tour de France. They spent the morning learning Mandarin Chinese in an art workshop and Italian in a digital kitchen before being narrowly beaten to first place (1 point!) in the lightening round of the quiz. Congratulations to the boys for working so hard!