I Am Learning Competition – House Results

Looking at the school as a whole, the following house points are awarded based upon total hours spent using I Am Learning:

Campion – 4 Points

Becket – 3 Points

More – 2 Points

Clitherow – 1 Point


A massive WELL DONE to everybody that has contributed to the school being a top 50 I Am  Learning school and to putting in over 850 hours of work!

And the winner is…

The results are in! The top three users of I Am Learning this term are as follows:

Hamza Saleem (7F – Campion) – 27 hours, 08 minutes and 33 seconds.

Muhammed Kamran (7F – Becket) – 25 hours, 24 minutes and 23 seconds.

Aaron Joe Topping (7S – Becket) – 18 hours, 54 minutes and 35 seconds.

A huge WELL DONE to all of you!

I Am Learning Update!

The following pupils are currently leading the way in terms of their I Am Learning usage:

Muhammed Kamran – 24 hours, 3 minutes and 26 seconds.

Hamza Saleem – 20 hours, 30 minutes and 5 seconds.

Aaron Joe Topping – 18 hours, 54 minutes and 35 seconds.

Hamza has just overtaken Aaron for second spot, but there is still all to play for in the final few days.

There is still time for everybody else to catch up before next Monday – it may involve very little sleep, but it’s still possible!

As a school you are still using the system very well and have put in a massive total of 745 hours, 51 minutes and 09 seconds!  A huge well done to everybody who uses the system.

I Am Learning Update

Just to remind you that the I Am Learning Competition is still running until 17th December.  Current leaders are:

Muhammed Kamran – 19 hours, 9 minutes and 41 seconds.

Aaron Joe Topping – 17 hours, 52 minutes and 22 seconds.

Hamza Saleem – 15 hours, 32 minutes and 8 seconds.

An extra ‘well done’ to Muhammed who has put in over 60% of his time outside of school!

 As a school you have done a massive 623 hours, 52 minutes and 34 seconds of revision using I Am Learning!! And that does not take into account the time spent playing games!

There’s still plenty of time to catch the leaders so click the link on the right and get learning!

ICT House Competitions – Further details…

Web Design

The web design competition is open to all pupils from Yr 7-13.  Quite simply you are being asked to design and create a web page that can be used as a 'home page'  for your house.  It doesn't matter what software you use to design the page, the idea is for it to vibrant, relevant and most importantly, to encourage more people to use the new school website.

Entries should be emailed to Mr Ward. This competition runs until 17th DECEMBER.

I am Learning

The challenge is simple, from now until Christmas, you need to use I Am Learning to aid in your studies as much as possible.  The person who has the most hours clocked up by MONDAY 17th DECEMBER will be the overall winner.

Over the last 7 days, the following pupils have had the most usage:

Louis Finlay - 1hr 7mins

Jonathan Simmons - 1hr

Millie Wilkinson - 52mins

(well done to my form, 9S for having two of the top users this week - must be something to do with their form tutor!)

Closing Date - 17th December


This is a national competition that our school enters.  Further details can be found from the 'Animation13' website by clicking here.

Please email your entries to Mr Ward for submission.


ICT House Competitions NOW ON!!!

This term there will be not one, not two, but THREE amazing ICT competitions running for all pupils.

The first involves using I Am Learning.  The challenge is simple, from now until Christmas, you need to use I Am Learning to aid in your studies as much as possible.  The person who has the most hours clocked up by MONDAY 17th DECEMBER will be the overall winner.

The second competition is a little less simple.  You have to use your ICT skills to design a web page for your house.  The winners will have their web designs used on the student house home pages.  Entries should be emailed to Mr Ward. Again, this competition runs until 17th DECEMBER.

The final competition is a repeat of last year’s highly successful animation competition. More details of this coming up soon!

“So proud of our Career Academy students”

This summer our Career Academy students were able to experience work in a variety of real care settings.  They went to Care Homes, Day Care Centers, hospital wards and had the chance to work closely with the service users. They gained a fantastic experience which has enabled them to develop important skills and knowledge that will be invaluable to them when applying for either university, apprenticeships or jobs in the future.

This opportunity was made possible as a result of a Career Academy LAB meeting in which a contact at Gateway to Care, Kirklees was given to me. After an extremely positive meeting we were able to provide Internships for all our Health and Social Care Career Academy students. Gateway also provided us with a link worker, Nancy Redhead who was a constant support to the students throughout their time in the  placements.

Nancy was extremely impressed with the students and feels that we will be able to build on the provision for next years students. She said;

“The managers feel it has been a good experience all round. On each Of my visits over the four weeks the feedback has been that they have really fitted in well and have taken an active part in the day to day activities, asked appropriate questions and have enjoyed being with the clients”

Unfortunately the students did not recieve any payment but with support from the St. John Fisher Association we secured funding to cover their travel expenses. We are also in the process of deciding which of the students will be awrded a prize for the most commitment and dedication to their Internship. Which i being kindly donated by DHL, the courier company and presented at the  Kirklees Grant Makers Alliance Awards Ceremony in October. Watch this space to find out the winner!

We are about to enlist students for this years Career Academy and Emily Smith, our regional manager is coming to talk to the students about the Career Academy experience. In my view they should grab the opportunity with both hands as it is proving to grow from strength to strength giving students a competitive advantage in the present difficult climate.


Year 13 Career Academy – Assessment Centre

Year 13 students from Health and Social Care and Business will be involved in an assessment centre on Monday 17th September which is being organised by Claire Berry from Tesco.  This is an opportunity for the students to work with a range of professionals gaining insight into the latest recruitment and selection techniques in a variety of professions and is a follow up session to the Career Day which was held in March earlier this year.