CAFOD – Walk For Water

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On Tuesday 22nd March, 16, students with 100% attendance from Year 9 went to Leeds to take part in the CAFOD walk for water. The Walk for Water is an event planned by CAFOD to make you think of the less fortunate people who have to walk a long way every morning just to get water.

We started off at Granary Wharf in Leeds and walked roughly three and a half miles down the canal towpath which ran along the back of Kirkstall Road. We were warned that the water in the canal was very mucky and contaminated with Wiles disease. This made us think of the unclean water that others who are less fortunate have to walk miles for, often getting ill from using it. We carried buckets filled with water to help us imagine the daily journey’s that these people take.

When we got to Kirkstall Abbey the Vicar who worked there conducted a short service for us and students from each school were involved and said part of prayer.  It really opened our eyes to how other people live and the struggles that they have to live each day.  We then took a walk round the prayer and reflection labyrinth and had time to reflect on issues around the world.

I think this event is so important to raise awareness of issues such as lack of clean water.  People in other parts of the world could have a much better quality of life if they could have a water pump in their village to give them clean, safe water.


By Leah Howard, Aneesa Ahmed and Shannen Agagon

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