Speak Up!

We want you to enjoy your time at St John Fisher. Bullying always makes people upset and we will not accept this. If you feel you are getting bullied, or know someone who is getting bullied, it is very important that you speak up about it. There are three different ways that you can do this at St John Fisher:

  1. If you feel able, please speak to your Form Tutor of Director of Study. Do not feel worried about doing this, or about ‘grassing someone up’. We can only help if we know about it.
  2. You may prefer to speak to your parent or guardian. This is absolutely fine, but please ask them then to contact school so that we are aware of the situation. They can ring your Director of Study through the main school line on 01924 527000, or email us at
  3. Our Learning Mentors have offices outside the staffroom and you can drop in there and have an informal chat during any registration period. They may then need to make an appointment with you to talk more fully about your concerns.

The St John Fisher Anti-Bullying policy can be found on our school website, and if you need any further information, guidance or support please check there.


Together we can beat bullying!