6th Form Young Leaders Shine

A group of 6th Form Young Leaders recently helped lead the Kirklees projectability day at the Al Hikmah Centre in Batley. The day was a a disability inclusion day  which aimed at encouraging disabled children within Kirklees to participate in sport. The day involved a number of different adapted sports that allow disabled participation including sit down volleyball, Bocha and adapted Hockey. The young leaders worked with groups and individual pupils to help them succeed and ensured the day was a huge success. The feedback from schools and organisers has been fantastic. Comments relate to student’s general manner, encouragement and enthusiasm as well as their level of organisation and empathy with pupils with a range of disabilities.

Involved in the day was: Laura Broadbent , Heather Haigh, Joe Cottrill, Ben Thirkhill, Charlotte Oates, Isabelle Fox, Jordan Ellis, George Turton, Lisa Brewerton, Nick Kaye, Will Warne, Alex Drake, Joe Cottrill, Sam Pashley, Ryan Bamforth, Niall Coyle, Sophie Cardus and  Lauren Micklethwaite.

Well done. It’s great to hear such positive comments about our sixth form students.


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