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 In accordance with our school mission, in this year we encourage Year 7 pupils to undertake:

‘A leap of faith’

As they move to us from primary school, our Year 7 pupils make a huge leap in terms of academic expectations and social and emotional development. We ask them to put their faith in God and allow us to build on the excellent work of the primary schools, to develop all aspects of their learning and their growth as a young person in Christ.

Year 7 pupils will encounter new situations every day. They will make new friends in their form, in their year group and in their house. They will have many opportunities to enrich their learning experience through leadership and participation in extra-curricular activities.

We encourage all Year 7 pupils to live life to the full at St John Fisher. In this way their leap of faith will be rewarded in the years to come, as a valued member of our community.

Ms A Fielding

Director of Study for Year 7

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