GCSE results

Students from St John Fisher Catholic High School are today celebrating some excellent examination results.  60% of students have achieved 5 A*-C grades including English and Maths and overall 87% have achieved a minimum of 5A*-Cs.  All children have achieved at least one qualification worth a GCSE C grade or better and 98% have at least 5 GCSEs at grades A* to G.

The headline result for 5 A*-Cs including English and Maths is the second best set of results ever achieved by the school being close to last year’s record.  The results highlight good performance for a school with a comprehensive intake in terms of ability in this year of turbulence in the examination system.

The best individual results were probably those of a student who achieved 4A* plus 5 As in academic subjects although another student gained a total of 637 points across all of her subjects.  There were a number of students gaining at least 8 or 9 As including a good number of starred As.  Overall therefore there were many excellent performances with many students obtaining top grades in a number of subjects.

Headteacher Kevin Higgins stated

“I am pleased that the hard work of the students appears to have paid off.   Our teachers are pleased for them.  The young men and women have much to be proud of and I’m sure they would wish to thank their families and their teachers for the support they have received over the years.  Today is another good day for the school and there are lots of happy faces”.

‘A’ Level ResultsHighest ever value added results!

The overall pass rate was 99%.  The Average point score was 828 overall.  About a third of all grades were A or B.  25 subjects have managed 100% pass rates.  97% of students have 3 or more ‘A’ Levels.  Performance at ‘AS’ level was also very encouraging suggesting that next year may also be a very good year for results.






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